Alien Hunters Come to Glamorgan

Maybe tomorrow, or possibly a decade from now, scientists may make the most shattering discovery of all time: the detection of thriving extraterrestrial life.

As agencies such as NASA and ESA prepare their latest space missions, some of the world’s top alien hunters are meeting this week at the University of Glamorgan to talk about their latest research in life beyond the Earth.

The third conference of the Astrobiology Society of Britain, ASB3: The Living Universe, will take place at the University’s Atrium campus in Cardiff between July 2nd and 4th.

The event is sponsored by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council in a bid to broaden participation to researchers in related disciplines. The conference will showcase the work of university scholars from all over the world, from Aberdeen to Potsdam, from London to Texas, from Kent to Arizona, and from Glamorgan to NASA.

The Organising Chair for the conference, Glamorgan’s Professor Mark Brake, set up the world’s first BSc in astrobiology. Professor Brake said; “I am delighted to be welcoming such an international gathering. The question of life in the universe has fascinated us since ancient times. In that time a stunning array of scholars, philosophers, film-makers and writers have devoted their energies to imagining life beyond this Earth.”

Professor Brake, a founder member of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute science communication group, confirmed that the conference will cover all aspects of astrobiology research, including Mars, the extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth, comets, planet hunting, and public engagement.

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