Aliens at the Science Museum


On Monday afternoon members of CASE acted as consultants to London’s Science Museum for an exciting new project due to be launched in October under the title of ‘Aliens @ the Science Museum’.

The exhibition sounds fascinating. Occupying the ground floor of the Science Museum, the proejct will be split into Four Zones. The zones will each tackle some aspect of the question of extraterrestrial life: science fiction, evolution , the discovery of extrasolar planets , and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and contact.

One of the most instructive things for us is how well-equipped our graduates would be in marshalling together these disparate elements that make up the science and culture of astrobiology . Even though the Science Museum delegates were qualified in theoretical physics and history of science respectively, they nonetheless recognised how challenging it was for them to draw these cross-curricular influences together.

For CASE, its the latest in a long line of fascinating consultancy projects which have included working with Seattle’s Science Fiction Museum , the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and our current projects with TactileBOSCH , NESTA and a science fiction TV series with Tiger Aspect Productions for the Discovery Channel


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