Allan's Pride

This wonderful image of M20 and M8 the Trifid and Lagoon nebulae was taken by CASE astronomer and community lecturer Allan Trow last week during the Algarve astronomy field School.

I have to admit I’m a little jealous – oh alright, its the best image of the week AND he took it through MY telescope! Well done Allan, a determined effort on an object that is awesome to look at and beautiful to behold. Allan took this image through a 80mm Skywatcher refractor coupled to a Canon 400D at prime focus with a 90 second exposure.

 These fantastic objects are approximately 5200 LY away in the constellation of Sagitarius, rendering them enormous objects if we could see them up close. The primary star cluster produced by M8 is visible as is the three lobed shape that gives the flower-like Trifid nebula its name.

 He was so excited to get home and reduce the image that he ….. but that’s another story!

written by Martin Griffiths 

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    May 14, 2007

    Fantastic pic, Allan. Well done, mate.

    Let’s hope those lovely people in Marketing can use it for publicity purposes.

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