Are You Right There Sister Maria?

A few of my friends have seen The Sound of Music at the Wales Millennium Centre recently and have told me that Nuns and later Nazis enter the auditorium and walk to the stage through the audience. The really odd thing is though that it’s the Nuns, not the Nazis, that seem to frighten the children in the audience as they pass.

Is this because they’re more used to seeing Nazis on television, or have more youngsters gone to convent schools than I ever thought possible? Shades of Are You Right Their Father Ted?

written by Frank Sable

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    August 6, 2009

    How is that odd? Most children don’t understand nor can comprehend the horrors of what the Nazi uniform signifies, to them they look like soldiers which they see all the time (TV, Films, High Streets). A swastika patch on their arm is just a patch until they begin to understand. Now a fat woman in penguin costume will scare anyone of any age!

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