Army of Ghosts




Daleks versus Cyberman!! It’s a Doctor Who fan’s dream, something we thought could only happen in our fantasies, or maybe some fan writing. It’s as though Russell T. Davies has saved up and bought all us fans a present. And not until a few milliseconds before the fantastic revelation did I see it coming. Lovely man!



The Episode itself was full of reference to other science fiction classics. The mysterious void ship seems to be influenced by the Sphere and Event Horizon and is a brilliant way to bring back the Daleks (and maybe the Time Lords at some future date?) who had been eradicated from time and space. The way the Doctor is applauded at his capture by Torchwood takes us back the surreal final episode of The Prisoner, while Cybermen slicing their way through polythene sheeting seems to be homage to The Tomb of The Cybermen.


Could it be that RTD, in having infiltrating Cybermen being mistaken for the ghosts of dead relatives, is making a statement about the dangers of mixing religion with scientific phenomenon? If so it was nicely subtle.


I’m looking forward to episode with eager anticipation (and that’s putting it mildly).

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    lee wan

    July 3, 2006

    You do great on the Who, mr pete.

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