Atrium Plays Host to Alien Life Conference

Next week, some of the world’s leading scholars on the search for alien life will converge on the University’s Atrium campus, to attend a conference chaired by Professor Mark Brake.

The third conference of the Astrobiology Society of Britain , ASB3: The Living Universe, will take place in Cardiff between July 1-4, 2008.

The event is sponsored by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council in a bid to broaden participation to researchers in related disciplines.

The conference will cover all aspects of research related to astrobiology, including Mars, Panspermia, Extremophiles, and Public Engagement

ASB3: The Living Universe is organised by colleagues from HeSaS and Cardiff University’s Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology

The University of Glamorgan previously developed the world’s first BSc Astrobiology reported here by NASA in 2005. Two members of that University validation team, Professor Mark Brake and Martin Griffiths, were also founder members of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute’s science communication group. Mark continues to help edit the NASA Astrobiology magazine, European Edition and will guest edit the ASB3 conference proceedings for the International Journal of Astrobiology on Cambridge University Press.

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