Augmented Reality

The future of computer games? Augmented Reality is already being seen to a small degree. Mac users can use their iSight cameras to take part in games. PS/2 owners have eyeToy but the quality is low.

However, a company has developed a real time rendering engine that will run on a PC with broadcast quality images. While this might make you think of the Star Wars kid video, it does make it possible to wield a light sabre in your own game, and fight virtual opponents in your very own living room. Hopefully, the living room is where it will stay, and you won’t find yourself downloaded off the internet and driven to a nervous breakdown

Be sure to click the link for the video which uses Windows Media Player, and it a little flakey on slow connections.


    Robert Andrews

    February 7, 2005

    I saw this over the weekend. Some of it is stunning. The 3D is
    hardly bleeding edge, so it’s applications in the movie industry
    will be limited. But clever, especially the cr on the table.

    Mike Reddy

    February 7, 2005

    Remember the quality is from a standard PC. It is limited – one
    example is the light sabre being held in the right hand but
    appearing in front of the left hand, so there is no occlusion or
    depth perception being done. However, it is early days, and cool
    considering that the graphics are following a free moving hand
    held camera. This is the impressive bit. And in a few years…

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