BC Robots make UK Debut


Year 9 students at Crickhowell High School were the first UK students to undertake the British Council Roverbot Challenge. The students were part of the first human mission to Mars. They had to program a robot to collect a rock sample on Mars and return it to the base. As there had been an electrical storm which knocked out the computers, the robot had to be programmed using a simple language through its antennae. The project was designed by SETPOINT Wales in conjunction with the University of Glamorgan and has been experienced by over 10,000 students in 8 countries. The one hour workshop is available to all secondary schools and is intended to show students how easy programming can be. This workshop was part of a science activity day organised by CareersWales Powys.



    May 23, 2005

    Fancy getting the chance to be blasted into outerspace? Oracle they of large database fame are running a competition to win a ride on the sub orbital space flight – when they build them. Alternatively you will also get apple macs.

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    Mike Reddy

    May 23, 2005

    Well done Bruce. I hope it is successful and that Singapore was

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