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American Defence Contracters Booz Allen Hamilton are looking for a Teleport Test Engineer according to their website. – Do they know something that we don’t ?
As Clute & Nichols point out in their Hugo Award winning compendium ???The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction??? there has been an evolution of the term ???teleportation???. It was first used by Charles Fort in his Wild Talents (1932) as a synonym for ‘psychokinesis’ but what he was really was talking about was minor telekinesis
Then along came the Golden Age of Science Fiction which tended to use the term to refer to SELF telekinesis . Of course the most dominant interpretation is using the term as a synonym for Matter Transmission of which a favourite McGuffin is the Star Trek Transporters. Whatever Booz Allen Hamilton???s definition the fact that you need 5+ years experience working with the Air Force, Navy, Army, or DISA’s JITC operational test agency probably rules out MOST of our students – although apparently there???s at least one first year who could throw his hat into the ring! – Rev


    Robert Andrews

    January 21, 2005

    I can’t believe we don’t have teleporters yet.
    It would put an end to my morning commute, that’s for
    And you could, like, just teleport food to Africa, aid to
    Banda Aceh. And me to places I can’t be bothered to walk

    Problem is, it would raise all kinds of ethical dilemmas,
    since I think teleportation requires the destruction of an
    object at the source end and its reconstruction (duplication)
    at the destination end.

    If the ultra-Christian lobby can’t get over a televised stage
    play, I don’t think it’s going to swallow murder-by-

    Puts me in mind of a “book”: I
    once read.


    January 21, 2005

    Destruction of the original object could be a problem especially if you consider “E=mc~2”: Thats alot of environmentally unsafe energy to deal with not to mention regular servicing of the “Heisenberg compensator”:

    Mike Reddy

    January 21, 2005

    “Algis Budrys”: wrote
    “Rogue Moon”:
    where a teleportation/
    telepathy link allowed one copy of a human to enter an alien
    artifact, so the other ‘original’ (in fact both copies as the input
    process was destructive) could describe it. An excellent book!
    Full of repercussions for human photocopying!

    neil hook

    January 21, 2005

    Thanks Rob for namechecking the awesome “Permutation City”: by “Greg Egan”: – which lets me remind you that this excellent novel is one of the set texts on the level three SF module ‘Cyberscience’ (SP3305)and also lets us set this interesting essay question … ‘Bruce Sterling has described cyberpunk as a reaction to ???standard humanist liberalism??? because of its interest in exploring humanity???s potential interfaces with the products of its own technology (???Storming the Reality Studio??? p.206, Duke University Press, 1991). In what way is Greg Egan???s ???Permutation City??? ???post-humanist??? SF?’ – but please no comments as the third years have yet to hand in their work !!! – “Rev.”:


    January 21, 2005

    Tempting, but ok

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