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Ever wondered why poo is brown, where gravity comes from, or why we have lips? Ever cogitated on the secrets of black holes, the fabric of space, or the possibility of building a time machine? Well, now here’s your chance to find an answer to all those nagging questions.

As part of their celebration of National Science and Engineering Week (this year it’s from the 7th-16th of March 2008), the BA is running a Big Question Blog

The BA have challenged the UK public to ask the most perplexing, unusual, profound and puzzling scientific questions in their ‘Big Question Challenge’. Top boffins in the UK are then helping answer as many of the questions as they can on the blog website, through the media and via a series of live events across the country.

University experts involved include Professor Mark Brake and Laura Janes of Hands On Science and our MSc Communicating Science

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    March 2, 2008

    It must seem a bit ironic that Jodrell Bank one of the key centre involved in science week also has a big question on their mind ‘Will we survive the science funding cuts’
    Apparently there are plans to cuts funding and Jodrel Bank as part of the emerlin project is high on that list.

    News Articles like from the Times apparently trying to highlight the issue are not very helpfull with comments like ‘Astronomy is not meant to be usefull’!!
    Reading those big questions from the politicians one wonder if Science is being used as an excuse for lack of progress in solving social problems. Personally I blame Star Trek for putting this idea of technological utopia in people’s heads.

    We have for example the technology to provide clean water but does everyone in the world have access to it? No.
    What about the countries that are burdened with debt and are currently tearing up their rain forests a priceless source of new medicines in order to meet the imediate costs of the loans.

    Hopefully science week will act to focus the minds of the people who can make things happen ie the ones with cash, but some how i doubt it.

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