Brake and Hook to deliver Faraday Lecture at Royal Institution

Professor Mark Brake is to deliver a lecture in the world-renowned Faraday Lecture Theatre at London’s Royal Institution, next Tuesday, 7 April. The lecture will look at the role the scientific imagination has played in the development of science since the scientific revolution, and is organised by the RI’s public engagement team.

Professor Brake, the University’s ‘Professorial Champion for Public Engagement with Science’ and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, commented, “I am delighted to be invited to speak at the RI. The Institution has had an instrumental role in the advancement of British science. Fourteen of the Royal Institution’s resident scientists have won Nobel Prizes. And, more importantly, since its founding, the RI has supported public engagement with science through a programme of lectures, including the Christmas Lectures with which most will be familiar”.

Professor Brake has written, along with his co-author and co-speaker Neil Hook, a number of books on the scientific imagination and the historical interplay between space, science and culture, including Different Engines and FutureWorld (Boxtree and Science Museum, 2008). His next two books, one on Galileo and Darwin, and the other on the public engagement with science, are to be published by Palgrave, later this year.

Both scholars teach on the University’s MSc Communicating Science, run by the University’s Department of Professional Education and Service Delivery, trains students for careers in communicating science in media, government, and research. The course is now available both full-time and part-time.



    April 2, 2009

    Neil still works at Glam? I thought he’d left? Or did I make that up?

    Awesome achievement there either way, you guys.


    April 2, 2009

    No, he’s still with us. I’m happy to say!

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