C is for Cookie's (this is not our 'official C' – this is just a rant)

When I was a kid I spent three years living in the USA, (I can still remember having to stand and make the pledge of allegiance in pre-school every day). Part of that upbringing was watching Sesame Street. It is from watching this show that I learnt to count with the Count (thus consigning my numerical ability to a Transylvanian accent for most of my childhood) and my continuing ability to say the entire alphabet in one word in two seconds (ask me for a demo sometime!).
You would think that my favourite character would be Oscar the Grouch (after all he is an alien) … but those who know me and particularly those who’ve MET me will realise that it had to be … Cookie Monster (you may not know that Vernor Vinge did write an SF story which won the best novella in last years Hugo Award called The Cookie Monster ). Well in a world gone mad The Children’s Television Workshop have just symbolically castrated CM (as he’s known to his friends) by having him sing a new song ‘A cookie is a sometimes food’ and telling everyone that he will from henceforth be eating a balanced diet … a cookie is NOT a sometimes food it is a – ‘whenever I can get my hands on one’ food.


    Mark Brake

    April 8, 2005

    The Rev’s rather esoteric rant on CM and PC has inspired me to
    nominate an unofficial early influence beginning with C (steady
    those of you at the back with a roaming mind).

    Yes, its Catweazle!


    Time-travelled “monk-cum-magician”:http://www.catweazlefanclub.co.uk/index.asp from 1066 transported through
    time to early 1970.

    Surreal and bizarre it may have been, although it was marvellously
    entertaining, and apparently the production team had Jon
    Pertwee in mind, but their timing couldn???t have been worse:
    he???d just agreed to take over from Patrick Troughton in the title
    role of the BBC series “Doctor Who”:http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/

    Whatever THAT is . . .


    April 8, 2005

    Geoffrey Bayldon (Catweazle) appeared as the Crow Man in Worzel Gummidge with Jon Pertwee. The Crow Man resembled William Hartnell’s Dr Who. I had a (false) memory that Bayldon portrayed Hartnell’s Doctor in “The Five Doctors” (1983) but that was Richard Hurndall…oh well.

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