CASE Alien Beast Has Legs


News of CASE’s BSc Astrobiology has finally hit home.

I’ve spent the last day or so talking to the likes of the LBC London , Guardian , the Daily Mail , BBC Radio Wales and Scotland, Real Radio and Red Dragon Radio in the local area, and much further afield such as the daily news 24 Hours in the Slovak Republic, Spanish daily ‘Que!’, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera , and ABC Radio in Australia.

Times have changed a lot since we first launched our Life in the Universe module back in 1998. Back then there was no NASA Astrobiology Institute, no ACA , and extrasolar planets had only just started peeking out.

Back later, the phone is ringing . . .

Tomorrow we’re doing a broadcast for BBC World Service (America), but for close of play today, I’m quite chuffed about the excellent piece covering the award in today’s Guardian Online

It’s written by Anna Seward, a graduate of Imperial College’s post-graduate science communication course, and clearly exemplifying the considerable reputation that their MSc has.

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