CASE Helps Launch NASA Spin-Off

Professor Mark Brake and the CASE team have helped NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine launch its European edition.

CASE’s special contribution will be the Retrospections section.  Since astrobiology often touches on art and culture, this section will focus on the history, philosophy, literature and religion of the ET debate. In the December issue, Mark Brake and Reverend Neil Hook write about the impact of science fiction on astrobiology in two contributions: Copernicus and the Wild Goose Chase and Darwin’s Bulldog and the Time Machine

More like a glossy magazine than a web page, Astrobiology Magazine European Edition will come out quarterly, and will highlight scientists in the European community who are studying the history of life on Earth and the possibility for life beyond our world.

Apart from the CASE feature, the first issue has interviews with European scientists, stories about European research, overviews of recent European conferences, and a list of upcoming events of special interest to the European astrobiology community. The issue also features an op-ed page written by André Brack of the French Space Agency.

CASE is indebted to Rob Miller for all his hard work on helping launch this premier issue. 


    Cam Abbott

    January 4, 2007

    Excellent, congratulations.

    Will the AMEE be available in the LRC?


    January 4, 2007

    Yes, as long as you have web access.

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