CASE Students Snap Summer Sun

On Tuesday 29 May, CASE students Ben Wilkes and Amy Berry spent an evening at mini Stonehenge park, Glyn Taff, observing the Sun in H ?? wavelength using the Coronado Solar observing scope.

With a peaceful evening breeze and a cloud free sky, Ben and Amy were allowed the best viewing window to study the great magnitude the Sun had to offer in a specific wavelength of H ??. Observing the sun in this wavelength allowed us to identify the simmering soup-like appearance of the surface of the Sun. The many magnificent solar prominences at the edges of the Sun allowed them to witness the true powerful nature our life giving star.

Observing in this public park enabled them to draw in intrigued passers by. Some had a go at observing the Sun which for many was a first. The Coronado telescope allowed studying the Sun to become a visual scientific communication tool which fascinated members of the general public that evening.

The images they obtained are magnificent. Clearly, ‘star’-gazing can still occur even before the stars come out at night.

Even though Ben and Amy have now finished University, they feel strongly that they will always have the telescope itch.

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