Climate Change!

Natalie is a level one student who pursued the topic of climate change and macroevolution in her Independent Study. This precis of her though provoking work is worthy of being opened for debate – Hope we have a lively discussion!

What a coincidence!  Just after I completed my end of year Independent Study on Climate Change and its affects, the BBC network is now televising a series of programmes bringing it to the forefront of people’s attention.  Everything that I have written about and researched is now being aimed at the general public for them to understand the crisis that we are facing.

Have you ever thought about Climate Change?  No, I mean REALLY thought about it and its affect on our planet.  We hear bits of information at various times but until now it has not been addressed in such a big way.

Okay!  We get excited at the thought of lovely hot weather but do we ever consider the serious consequences it has on us?  We enjoy the warmth from the rays of the Sun but we tend to forget the serious damages it can cause such as health problems like skin cancer.


As well as health problems it is having a major effect on the environment around the world.  The Ice Caps are melting rapidly in Antarctica causing sea levels to rise which is encroaching on coastlines.  Creatures in the Artic like the Polar Bears are loosing their habitat and feeding grounds and will gradually become extinct.  The other side of the coin highlights droughts and famine.  Land is becoming barren deserts where crops are unable to grow.


Deforestation plays a major role in greenhouse gasses as Carbon Dioxide is forming a thick blanket around the planet trapping heat inside therefore causing the Earth to heat up.  Large industries also play a major role in destroying the Ozone Layer due to the emissions into the atmosphere.


Research scientists have for many years bombarded various Governments around the world to sit up and take notice of information given to them in an effort to slow down man’s destruction of the planet.


So what does the future have in store for us? We may have thicker skin or perhaps even a second layer of eyelids to protect us from the Sun’s rays.  However, have you ever realised that it may be too hot to live outside during the day in the Sun?  If we are to survive as a human race do you think that we might need to consider the possibility of life underground?  Would we build colonies like ants and termites with air shafts that would allow fresh air to circulate and also eliminate stale air?  Or have you thought what we might look like in years to come?  For example lack of natural sunlight would give us very pale skin or our eyes would need to adjust to cope with living in a darker environment.  Perhaps we would develop extra senses to combat lack of light.  As food crops become scarcer would we need more laboratories to grow modified produce or could we replace food with tablets?  Wouldn’t it be ironic if the human race were destroyed by a natural disaster underground rather than the effect of climate change?  Your imagination could run wild with the ideas for survival. 




But perhaps all of this information has come too late for us to do anything about saving what we have left.  So come on everyone let’s take note and do something about saving our planet!

Written by Natalie Niblett   


    Peter Grehan

    June 19, 2006

    It’s strange how when the question of our post apocalypse survival is raised the assumption is that, somehow, technology will play a part in that effort. The idea that we have science as a tool to work with has become so ingrained in our thinking that we seem to consider it is part of out nature. I believe that the first casualty of disastrous climate change will be our sophisticated technological civilisation that enables science to exist and flourish. Our modern society is made up of specialists, all of whom are interdependent. Like a very complex and fragile machine, it will most likely fall apart when the crisis reaches a certain level. At that point we’ll be left with Stone Age technology to try and cope, but by then our environment will be far worse than that which our Stone Age ancestors had to cope with.


    June 19, 2006

    Global Warming and climate change are not things to be ignored or avoided. I agree with you there. But you seem to be missing a vital point about how it will affect our lives.

    Global warming will not make our weather hotter, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The UK will be plunged into cold.

    If you look at any globe you will see that the UK lies on the same latitudinal lines as Canada. The only reason that we aren’t affected by the same weather (namely, cold cold cold) is the Gulf Stream which provides us a warming affect. It’s our own radiator, so to speak.

    The way that climate change will affect us is by destroying this stream.

    No one can deny (well, should deny) that this is a major problem and needs to be tackled on a global scale. But without the big powers on board (*cough* USA *cough*) we’re just going to end up dead.



    June 19, 2006

    What a pile of overpanicked, ridiculous nonsense!

    Yes, climate change is real and it is happening at fast rates. But “climate change” is not an apocalypse! Different regions will be affected in different ways. Some will become very infertile. Malthusian catastrophes will probably happen. Some genocides will occur, the population will cull itself in some areas.

    But what is a genocide here and there? The end of civilization? No. Living underground because it’s too warm? If the Earth retained all the heat and reflected none, surface temperature would be 70 Centigrade – i.e. at noon, it’d get above boiling, and at night, it’d be as hot as a sauna – a bit of a rough climate. But the Earth cannot retain all the heat, no matter how much Carbon dioxide you pump into the air.

    As far as climate change goes, nothing we do now will have any effect on the next 50 years. Sure, it’s high time we do something (so the grandchildren, for those foolish enough to have offspring, will have a decent planet), but it’s also high time we start thinking about how to deal with climate change, rather than abort / prevent it, which is now impossible.

    And the last thing we should do is spread panicky, ill-researched tabloid-headline-designed rubbish about postapocalyptic futures just because a few hundred million people will be culled…

    Rob Miller

    June 19, 2006

    Al Gore – An Inconvenient Truth




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