Fight Club  with aliens could have been an alternative title for what was one of the better episodes of Torchwood. Once again the internal dynamics of the Cardiff based team are examined. The conflicting, and increasingly incompatible, loyalties of job and relationship cause Gwen Cooper to try and have her cake and eat it by giving Rhys some of the amnesia drug just before confessing her infidelity. Meanwhile Owen Harper is in turmoil over Diane Holmes’s leaving in the previous episode (in what might have been a homage to the Michael Curtiz film Casablanca). This leaves him feeling frustrated (perhaps in more senses than one) and in just the right frame of mind to infiltrate the testosterone fuelled world of the fight club that sports the alien Weevils.  This is a little like men daring each other to share a swimming pool with a shark for as long as possible and is, apparantly, a competition to see which of them is the most stupid. I’m not sure that the addition of aliens to the mix made it different enough from the film mentioned above to stop it being exceptionally derivitive, but it entertained nevertheless and felt more grown up than many of the previous episodes.  There were hints at the end of the episode that some significant change has taken place in Owen. Perhaps he’ll change into a werewolf… Errr.. I mean Weevil, during the next full moon?

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    December 28, 2006

    I thought this was one of the better ones

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