Darth Vader comes to Swansea

On Friday 22 April from 13.00 in the Faraday Lecture Theatre of Swansea University George Abbey MSc Former director of the Johnson Space Center, NASA will be delivering the 2005 James Callaghan Lecture The Sound Barrier to the Stars.
Abbey has been described as NASA’s most controversial figure and in a science fiction twist was nicknamed Darth Vader by space shuttle astronauts for the ‘dark’ power he wielded.
This is a free event but tickets are required and can be booked on 01792 513566.


    Mark Brake

    April 6, 2005

    I’m not surprised to hear George wields some ‘dark’ powers. I
    seem to remember that either his mother or his grandmother
    hails from Carmarthen, a place steeped in the darkness, Merlin,
    and wicca (hope nobody reading this is from Carmarthen).

    About 5 years ago I gatecrashed some do in Cardiff Castle run
    by a shifty space merchant from some posh school in Penarth.
    Anyhow, George was there looking like Alfred Hitchcock. He’d
    allowed a HTV Wales production team into the Johnson Space
    Center – the first such visit since the 1986 disaster – mostly on the basis
    of George’s and astronaut Dafydd Rhys Williams’ ancestry.

    The TAFFIA in action!

    Kevin Evans

    April 6, 2005

    *Watch out* some of you readers are *very* much from the Dark side (of Wales)..

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