Doctor Dances


This has to be one of the best episodes so far. A brilliant script by Steve Moffat (writer of amongst other things as Coupling, Chalk and Murder Most Horrid) who has written a gripping story that explores the characters involved and introduces humour without detracting from the overriding tension and horror. The fact that the focus of this horror is a small boy looking for his mummy makes it all the more chilling in a way that is reminiscent of John Wyndham???s “The Midwhich Cuckoos” (later filmed as The Village of The Dammed). Yet the ending is wonderfully upbeat and not in a forced way.

The plot feels real; there are no evil villains or monsters just a clash of cultures and technologies leading to misunderstanding. When these misunderstandings are resolved the problem goes away and, in fact, benefits ensue. How good it would be if we could achieve that more often on our own small planet?
There are strong performances from RICHARD WILSON (Dr Constantine), FLORENCE HOATH, (Nancy), and JOHN BARROWMAN, (Jack Harkness). All in all a very satisfying conclusion to an exciting part one.

By the way if you???d like a screensaver of the third Doctor dancing then click here

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    Donna L rees

    May 30, 2005

    I would have to aqree it was a strong episode and left you witing for part two. Again I would agree that our small planet needs to learn the lesson that difference is not wrong or a bad thing, but to prefer to lack understanding is!

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