Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth

Hoorah! I guessed right this week, it was the Silurians, though like the Cybermen, Sontarans, Macra and Daleks they have been given a makeover. I wasn’t looking forward to this episode because the Welsh mining location and underground scenario reminded me rather of The Green Death a Third Doctor story that I didn’t particularly enjoy. However, as I watched this episode I found myself being reminded of another Third Doctor story called Inferno, one that I did very much enjoy.

It’s difficult for any story from the new series of Doctor Who to compete with the complexities of a good classic story developed over several episodes (In Inferno there are  a parallel universe, a form of scientific werewolfism, Britain under a fascist dictatorship and the end of the world) even when that story is in two parts. Given those constraints The Hungry Earth is developing nicely. The plot is flowing nicely and there haven’t been any time wasting chasing and screaming bits. I’m hoping part two continues the same way.

It has always disappointed me that given the Silurians (I believe the politically correct name for them now is Homo Reptilians) live in the Earth and are more technologically advanced than humans, they have never made an appearance when the Earth is being invaded by some malevolent alien species to pitch in against them. But that’s the fan in me; other factors in the production of a TV series are more influential than what I think would make a really cool story. I do remember some US comic book in which invading aliens easily defeat all that the human race can throw against them only to have their collective arse kicked by various Earth elementals that then make an appearance.

I have high hopes for episode two, Cold Blood.

Written by the inimitable Peter Grehan


    Frank Sable

    May 25, 2010

    I remember that the Ice Warriors started off as enemies (The Ice Warriors) and ended up as allies (The Curse of Peladon).

    J Garner

    May 31, 2010

    Oh My goodness, this is the one which has probably ‘broken the camel’s back’. I really don’t think I can take any more. Having enjoyed the last two Doctors immensely and actually finding myself looking forward to watching them on their adventures with my husband and daughter, we now find ourselves saying ‘Oh God is there anything else on?’ Dr Who had emerged as television that bridge any generational or gender viewing gap. Now it has put itself firmly back in the realms of Children’s television.The stories are fairly predictable, the costumes and weapons look like they were made by Peter Purves or Anthea Turner, and definitely look as though they have utilised many a discarded household item, and the sets are unrealistic. As for the script and the delivery of the script, I shan’t bother to really get started. I would happily push Amy into the pond she was named after. Why does she answer every question like a petulant ,grumpy teenager? If she were like that all the time, what on earth would Rory or the Dr see in her? If she were my daughter she would be sent to her room. I’m sure the Doctor and Rory would have abandonned her on some long lost planet and gone off on an adventure together. She has lovely legs and lovely hair, but I’m thinking that’s not really enough to sustain an audience. I would be happy if the Doctor through some flaw in his makeup had to regenerate a bit sooner than he usually does, just to rid us of his annoying faux quirkiness and nerdy young professorness. Do you think Russel T Davies hired this guy because he knew he would be rubbish and therefore make himself and David Tennant look as good, if not better than they really are. Russel please please come back. Don’t leave me in the Dr Who wilderness that I found myself wandering in in the Sylvester Macoy and Colin Baker years. Help.

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