Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens


Now I have to admit that I had a sneaky suspicion that the Pandorica was built to contain the Doctor about halfway through this episode. After all, to a large number of alien species, he must be the epitome of evil. Frankly though it’s pretty difficult to keep a half formed suspicion in your head when there are sooh many twist and turns going on and a veritable trawler net full of red herrings flapping about. It could be argued that all these villainous aliens where trying to do the right thing and save the universe/space/time. Morality is so often down to a species own point of view after all.

There were elements of Indiana Jones in the cave under Stonehenge and a homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982), when the Cyberman’s head seemed to grow tentacles with which to move and attempt to assimilate Amy. The highlight for me was the appearance of so many enemies of the Doctor appearing in the same underground chamber thingy at the same time. I do suspect though that apart from the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans the other aliens we saw were a bit on the cheap side. The ‘extras’ of the Who universe as it were. You can’t include the Autons in this since they were a very useful plot device enabling the twist of humans who weren’t humans. They were plastic Roman soldiers like the ones I used to collect as a boy, only bigger. I remember the Draconians (a very honorable race and eventual allies of humanity as well as friends of the Doctor) being mentioned in River Song’s roll call of alien visitors to 102 AD Earth, but not a sign of them did I see. I would be so impressed if they had turned up to help the Doctor and weren’t part of the conspiracy against him.

But there are wheels within wheels within Steven Moffat’s plotting and I am certain that things are not what they seem.  Amy Pond has been something of an enigma from the start of this series. It was the reason that the Doctor took her along with him in the TARDIS after all. Is she even human? Was Rory ever human? And why not just shoot the Doctor rather than going to all that trouble to build a box to lock him in? Questions, questions and all of them promising a splendid series finale in The Big Bang next Saturday. I’m reasonably confident that Steven Moffat won’t disappoint.

Written by Peter Grehan

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