Doctor Who Votes Tory?

Its not often that I agree with The Tories but they have defended the right of children to be scared by Dr Who after the BBC suggested the programme was not suitable for youngsters under eight. The shadow education secretary Tim Collins said the new series was perfectly suitable for children as young as six. Dr Who is about the battle between good and evil, Mr Collins said, adding: “I was watching it and thoroughly enjoying being scared out of my wits when I was six or seven.”


    Mark Brake

    April 15, 2005

    Hmmm. One can only speculate as to the Tory rationale behind
    this news.

    Perhaps they’re hoping for some “subliminal”: link to be made in the minds of innocents between “alien invasion”: on Dr Who and the spanking robustness of their predictable “shore-up-old-Blighty-the-foreigners-are-coming” immigration policy. Whenever they get desperate, and let’s be honest Howard is from Llanelli, they play the race card (“rivers of blood”: , etc etc)

    My grandfather always used to say “whenever the Tories start
    talking about principles, son, put your hand on your wallet”

    Pete Grehan

    April 15, 2005

    Full marks to the Tory party for catching on that Doctor Who is cool to be associated with. It???s natural to suppose that they want to cash in on the popularity of a series that everyone is talking about (at least people are when I start talking to them!). I can???t help thinking that ???they??? here means a proportion of their spin doctors, I really can???t see the blue rinse, 3 beamer rank and file tuning into a concept such as there being multi-world views. However, as Mark suggests, there are some common themes between the Tories and Doctor Who the series; alien invaders, distrust of scientists (well they keep going mad and creating things like the “Daleks”:, and they certainly wouldn???t like the “Cybermen”:
    Just think of the cost to the “National Health Service”: of all those spare part operations!

    I think that maybe we should worry about what sort of alien might end up in Downing Street. Perhaps this weeks episode of Doctor Who “Aliens of London”: might have the answer?

    Mike Reddy

    April 15, 2005

    So, the shadow education secretary Tim Collins said ???I was watching it and thoroughly enjoying being scared out of my wits when I was six or seven.??? did he? That explains a lot, doesn’t it!

    I have a five year old who watched the one with the robot spiders and was rather terrified. She said herself that she would wait till she was older to watch the end…

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