End of year report

We come to the end of the current school year it seems to be a good time to look at some of the highs and lows.


Touring Wales for Science Week
Truants coming INTO school for our activities!

We have had 2 occassions (that we know of) when pupils who normally truant staying on for hour activities. The first occured during Science Week in North Wales. We were running a day long robotics workshop and about 45 minutes before the end of school, one pupil closed the laptop pushed everything away and said, “That’s it! Had Enough!” and put his head on the table. Talking with the head teacher afterwards, it turns out that this pupil normally goes home after the first lesson!

The second occasion occured last week during the SETSparks project when one of the Year 9 pupils turned up late for the lesson. We have been running the activity in the last lesson on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for this last half term. The pupil turned up late as he had been to see the Head of Year becuase he had been truanting for the rest of the day and had come in for the SETSparks session!

Reaching more schools and pupils than ever before
British Council Robots Trips
Welsh Schools success in National competitions
New stardome


Driving through a blizzard for Science Week Tour!


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