From Apes to Aliens

Professor Mark Brake and Rev Neil Hook recently worked as research directors for The Martians and Us, a 3-part documentary that explores the history of science fiction in the UK.

The programme, along with the Beeb’s Science Fiction Britannia season, kicks off tonight, Monday, 13th November at 9pm on BBC 4.

Neil has also finished filming with the BBC for the supplementary My Science Fiction Life, the story of science fiction fandom in Britain. Neil says, “My Science Fiction Life will not only feature the importance of the contemporary culture of science fiction in our lives, but also cutting edge CGI and graphics fit for the topic”.

Mark’s collaboration on a similar topic with Sky Movies is currently being broadcast, and Brake and Hook’s imminent book on the subject, “Different Engines: How Science Drives Fiction and Fiction Drives Science”, is to be published by MacMillan Science in 2007.

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    Sue Kelly

    November 13, 2006

    Watched the series and enjoyed it very much.

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