From Mars to Dublin


I see NASA have spent a fortune sending their robotic rover Spirit to the summit of a hill to take a ‘lovely’ panoramic Martian snap (there it is above).

The robot has been struggling towards the hill’s summit for 14 months, and they’ve been driving it in reverse and forward modes to reduce wear on its wheels. Bless it.

I must say I was rather disappointed with the result.

There’s a far better view out our back in Cefn Pennar ; I could have invited the robot crew round for a vindy and a few bottles of Wolf Blass and saved them a fecking fortune

And on the topic of tipples, yours truly is catching the ferry tomorrow to the fair isle to do another spot of treading the boards in the name of CASE, UoG and the cause (whatever that is).

Yes, I’m speaking at the BA Festival of Science in Dublin (3-10 September 2005), one of the UK’s biggest science festivals, attracting 400 of the best scientists and science communicators, naturally.

For those of you also lucky enough to be in Dublin, I’ll be speaking on the topic of scientific fields of speculation through fiction at the Irish Writers’ Centre at 6pm on Monday 5 September.

Hope to keep you up to speed as I make my way through the busy programme of events . . .



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