Glamorgan and Cardiff form Astrobiology Partnership

Astrobiology experts from the University of Glamorgan and Cardiff University have formed a unique collaboration which will put Wales at the forefront of worldwide research in astrobiology.

Glamorgan??????s Centre for Astronomy and Science Education will work with Cardiff University??????s Centre for Astrobiology in the venture, combining frontline research as well as engaging members of the community in science.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, Director of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology at Cardiff University has been appointed Honorary Professor at the University of Glamorgan as part of the partnership, which will bring the expertise of the two institutions together.

Nearly 30 years ago Professor Wickramasinghe and the late Sir Fred Hoyle proposed the theory that life on Earth was brought by comets, effectively pioneering a new scientific discipline ??????? astrobiology.

Professor Mark Brake of Glamorgan commented, ??????Professor Wickramasinghe really is one of the founders of astrobiology and we are delighted to have formed this partnership with him. His work on comets and the origins of life continues to attract attention worldwide and in combing our expertise I look forward to working on many more exciting projects.??????

Professor Brake has pioneered outreach schemes at Glamorgan to promote interest in science and astrobiology in the community and in schools.

Professor Wickramasinghe said, ??????The work we do on the origin of life crosses several scientific disciplines and never fails to excite the public imagination. We intend to capitalise on the experience of both Centres to promote a serious interest in science within the community. We also hope to encourage more young people to take an interest in science.??????

As part of this joint venture a public lecture series ??????Life and the Cosmos?????? will be inaugurated, with a first lecture by Professor Wickramasinghe, ??????Where are we in the search for our origins??????? at 7pm on Monday 15th October on the University of Glamorgan??????s Treforest campus.

Wales?????? progress in the field of astrobiology has been recognised by the Astrobiology Society of Britain. The new collaboration between the two centres to will act as host for their conference in 2008. The event will be held in Glamorgan??????s new state-of ???????the-art- campus in Cardiff

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