Glamorgan and Cardiff to Host Astrobiology Conference

The third conference of the Astrobiology Society of Britain , ASB3: The Living Universe, will take place at the University of Glamorgan’s Atrium campus in Cardiff between July 1-4, 2008.

The event is sponsored by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council in a bid to broaden participation to researchers in related disciplines.

The conference will cover all aspects of research related to astrobiology, including Mars, Panspermia , Extremophiles , Human Life in Space, Development of Life-Forms in Other Environments, Life’s Origins, and Public Engagement

ASB3: The Living Universe is organised by the University of Glamorgan’s CASE and Cardiff University’s Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology Both centres are dynamic groups whose interests span both teaching and research in astrobiology

CASE‘s activities include not only running the world’s only astrobiology undergraduate degree but also the science communication elements of astrobiology with founder members on NASA‘s Astrobiology Institute’s science communication group, and continuing editorial contributions to the NASA Astrobiology magazine, European Edition

CCA operates a substantial research program with internationally recognised contributions to many peer reviewed journals, as well as contributions to media-led explorations in astrobiology

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