Glamorgan and NASA Push Public Engagement Agenda

July 3: Day Three of ASB3: The Living Universe, the third conference of the Astrobiology Society of Britain , taking place this week at the University’s Atrium campus.

Today’s agenda is dominated by public engagement. Glamorgan scholar Professor Mark Brake. and Helen Matsos of NASA will address the conference about their work on NASA‘s very successful web-based Astrobiology Magazine, both US and European editions.

Glamorgan astronomer Martin Griffiths, will talk about the University’s long-standing commitment to public engagement with astrobiology, serving both campus and community in over a decade of curriculum development in the subject.

Carlos Oliveira from the University of Texas at Austin, and a graduate of Mark and Martin’s, will talk about the way in which his experience at Glamorgan has influenced his development of a similar course in the US.

And last, but not least, Glamorgan’s Barry Richards and Toby Murcott speak on the subject of developmental work in blended learning in astrobiology. They will present the work of a team of science communicators, science writers and multimedia developers, and showcase a resource for the use of other workers the field.

The event is sponsored by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council in a bid to broaden participation to researchers in related disciplines.

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