Glamorgan Astronomers Receive Prize for Public Engagement

Astronomers and science communicators at the University of Glamorgan have been awarded a prize for Public Engagement by the Astrobiology Society of Britain.

The prize was accepted by Martin Griffiths, on behalf of the RoCCoTO team, which includes HeSaS academics Professor Mark Brake, Allan Trow, and Catherine Tryfona. The award came as part of the proceedings of the Astrobiology Society of Britain conference, held this week at the University’s Atrium campus.

Over the last half-decade, the RoCCoTO project, a public engagement initiative, has stimulated considerable interest in science. The project was supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) in conjunction with the University of Glamorgan, with a total project cost of over £1million. A team of astronomers, science communicators, science writers and multimedia specialists developed both on-line and traditional learning materials and resources, specifically to engage learners in aspects of astrobiology.

The outreach course embraced a cross-curricular approach to the subject, based on NASA‘s Astrobiology science communication roadmap, and has attracted hundreds of beneficiaries in local communities throughout Wales.



    July 4, 2008

    thanks also go to Kath Williams, Lee Pullen, Naomi Turnbull and Neil Hook himself for their work on the project.

    Martin Veale

    July 4, 2008

    Comgratulations. I’ll hopefully be back on one of your outreach programmes sometime soon.

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