Glamorgan Science Communicator at the Royal Society

University of Glamorgan science communication expert, Jon Chase this week engaged The Royal Society in London with his creative brand of communicating science.

The event, one of a select number staged at the Society this year to mark its 350th Anniversary, was titled Is There Anybody Out There? and focussed on the science and culture of astrobiology, the search for life beyond the Earth. Rubbing shoulders with a line-up of world-leading astrobiologists, such as Paul Davies, Martin Rees, and SETI founder Dr Frank Drake (pictured above with Jon at the meeting), Jon performed his now famous Astrobiology Rap discussing man’s search for extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society.

Glamorgan protégé Jon rose to fame when he was commissioned by Professor Mark Brake and NASA to create his Astrobiology Rap, which has had over 250,000 hits on YouTube. Professor Brake said, “I am delighted that The Royal Society has recognised Jon’s innovation and skill in communicating astrobiology in one of their select public engagement events. Jon has a unique and tremendous energy and vibrancy which is a heady fusion of science and rap”.

The Royal Society event is part of a busy 2010 for Jon. Next month he is to star as guest scientist on the new, ground-breaking CBBC science programme Space Hoppers, for which Professor Brake has written the spin-off book. Both scholars, who also played at The Royal Institution in July last year, teach on the University’s MSc Communicating Science, which trains for careers in media, government, and research. The course is now available both full-time and part-time.

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    March 29, 2010

    Surely Jon Chase must be the most successful graduate Glamorgan has ever produced. His success is a credit both to his own considerable talents, and also to the science communication team.

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