Glamorgan Science Communicator Scoops Nature Front Cover

University of Glamorgan MSc Communicating Science lecturer Dr Toby Murcott has scooped the front page of Nature, the prestigious science journal.

The theme of the current issue of Nature is The Media on Science and is organised to coincide with the 6th World Conference of Science Journalists which will be held in London next week.

Toby was invited to write an essay for Nature on science journalism – which appears in the current issue.

In it he discusses the role of science journalism and the need for scientists and journalists to work together to ensure that science is reported accurately. He also argues that science needs to open up if journalists are to provide proper critique.

Toby who, lectures on science journalism on the MSc Communicating Science course, is also a writer, broadcaster and former Science Correspondent for the BBC World Service. He said, “There is a danger that science journalists can be seen as just translators of complex scientific research, or even cheerleaders for science. Its essential that we also put science into the wider context, its importance in society and offer intelligent criticism of science itself. We need to tell the world about how science works, not just the results it produces.”

Professor Mark Brake who leads the course added, “It’s really great for the students on our course that they can benefit from the expertise of a professional who is held in such high esteem by both the scientific and media communities.”

Later this year, Palgrave MacMillan are to publish the latest textbook in the field, Introducing Science Communication, edited by Mark Brake, and in which a chapter on broadcasting science is written by Toby Murcott.

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