Google Wars!

There’s talk of a new search engine that could be powerful enough to rival the ubiquitous Google. Wikia from the creators of Wikipedia, was launched on January 7, 2008. People searching topics will be able to rank search results using open source software to help improve the filtering of search result.

Google Lovers say that this allows humans to unfairly manipulate the search process and that computer-generated results are much fairer.

Judge for yourself, why not try the Wiki hub where the Sci-Fi link accesses some great Wikis by people great, small and fanatical about the science fiction universe.

blog penned by Sue Abbott

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    January 23, 2008

    It looks terrible. Google is so successful not just because of its Search algorithms, but because it understands the simplicity of a single user interface.

    Also, I’d never want human-created search results – by default it’d leave out recent content, be even more subject to manipulation than machine-generated results, rely on previous users having searched for the same terms, and, on the whole, be quite pants.

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