Gunpowder, Treason and Shot

Watching fireworks with the kids is always a great experience. They have a sense of wonder, a sense of delicious expectation of the thrill to come that it matters not how good or bad the display is, they will enjoy it nevertheless.

The fireworks at Pontypridd this year were quite spectacular, but so was the celestial display as a backdrop to the event. The moon, full and hanging in a space devoid of stars under the light pollution loomed above Ynysangharad Park like a baleful eye casting a jaundiced view over the proceedings. Thousands stood in expectation of a beautiful show and were not to be disappointed.

I thought it may be a good idea to get a shot of the moon against the backdrop of the fireworks and had the digital SLR at the ready. I missed most of the display trying to get an acceptable shot of both the fireworks and the Moon. The finished result is a bit of a composite, I had to enlarge the moon on the shot before getting the results seen here, but it was well worth a little manipulation to get this result.

Words and picture by Martin Griffiths 

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