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Oh no you won?????t. No its not Panto season – just the news that the planned fourth instalment of the Terminator franchise will NOT be featuring Arnie The Governator Schwarzenegger, or the stars of T3 Nick Stahl or Claire Danes. Stahl has said in recent interview that the next instalment plans to take the story farther forward into the future where his character will be even older. Perhaps we will get to see the tantalising visions of a world overrun by terminators hinted at in the previous outings ????? but if we do – will it be able to live up to expectations? Aren?????t we getting a little bit bored of Matrix style images of robotic world domination? Cyborg prophet Kevin Warwick of Reading University and Robot Wars fame (once virtually assassinated by a member of staff in a level three SF lecture before my very eyes) says in his books that it will be nanotechnology that will take over NOT Arnie clones. So keep you eyes peeled for little bots – they could well be punching above their weight !



    February 8, 2005

    Beware of the Machine Intelligent Killer Exterminator!

    Mike Reddy

    February 8, 2005

    Beware Kevin Warwick – he has a middle name you know…

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