Is Science Fiction a Thing of The Past?


Interesting to see old curmudgeon J.G. Ballard on ‘South Bank Show’ recently referring to SF as the ‘predictive literature of the previous century’, and – hence, by implication not of this century. A thesis borne out by a casual glance through the Sci-Fi section as your local Waterstones or Borders which are crammed to capacity with stupid fantasy trilogies of elves and warlocks. And even BBC viewing surveys indicate that the most popular episodes of the recent Doctor Who’s were those set in the reassuring familiarity of London. Audiences don’t know how to relate to those set on distant alien worlds. Perhaps [the spacefaring boy’s comic heros such as;] Captain Condor, Dan Dare, Jet-Ace Logan and their ilk inhabited a brief window of access when people were imaginatively inspired sufficient to reach out beyond the atmosphere, into the solar system and beyond for their fiction-fix?


Posted on the behalf of Andrew Darlington by Peter Grehan

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