Launch for New Mark Brake Book

University of Glamorgan Science communication experts are once more at the leading edge of developments in the field this week as a new book, written by Professor Mark Brake, is launched internationally by Palgrave MacMillan in the US.

Revolution in Science, is the compelling story of the two biggest events in the evolution of ideas: the revolutions of Galileo and Darwin. The ideological shifts associated with these upheavals were crucial not only to science. Their impact on society and culture has been equally decisive up to the current century. The book aims to capture the adventure and excitement of these two revolutions – one that overturned humanity’s central place in the universe and another that challenged the very notion of the origins of humankind.

Roy Davies, author of The Darwin Conspiracy: Origins of a Scientific Crime, describes the new book as, “Fascinating. Mark Brake takes a story about the political manipulation of the scientific ideas of Greek natural philosophers by the established church across two millennia and with a facility and style rare among scientists and an acute understanding of the human condition breathes life into the entire fabric. A compelling, thought provoking and inventive narrative.”

And Dr Toby Murcott says, “A fresh, radical, vision of two scientific revolutionaries. Brake’s innovative fusion of Galileo and Darwin is both thought provoking and a good read. At a time when books on Darwin abound, this one stands out from the crowd because the author understands both the science and the politics. Brake has the courage to think anew about two scientific giants, more should follow his lead.”

The book launch continues the excellent work of the University’s science communication team, which is headed up by Professor Brake. Last July, Dr Toby Murcott, scooped the front page of Nature, the prestigious science journal, with a paper on science journalism. And throughout last year Professor Brake, Reverend Neil Hook, and science rapper Jon Chase, another member of the team, have headlined at public engagement events, including appearances at the Science Museum, and the Royal Institution.

Professor Brake is to have two further books published this year, “Space Hoppers”, with MacMillan and the BBC, and “Really, Really Big Questions about Space and Time” with Kingfisher.


    Tania Davies

    January 17, 2010

    Congratulations to Mark on what looks to be a very successful year ahead. I certainly will by buying a copy!

    Sue Burnett

    January 17, 2010

    Congratulations, Mark – it seems like an lifetime since our discussions on the book.

    I know how hard you worked on this, so I’m pleased to see it’s now out into the world!

    Mark Brake

    January 17, 2010

    Thank you, Tania and Sue!

    Phil Davies

    January 17, 2010

    So which picture on the cover is Mark?

    congratulations – Phil

    Mark Brake

    January 17, 2010

    That’s you on the left, Phil, me on the right. But we’ll still turn over a younger 5-a-side team, with the help of Andrews Liver Salts and a judicious use of the rule book.

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