Loving the Alien


CASE was recently commissioned to help with the launch of Dr Who week which is to be screened during half term on UKTV Gold

CASE was asked to identify 25 science fictional myths that may be, to some extent, believed to be fact in the public imagination.

A large opinion poll (2000 people) was held on the basis of the list CASE suggested, and the list was reported widely in the national press last week including the Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, and many others.

Prof did a media day in London last week at WISE BUDDAH (Radio 1 DJ Mark Goodyear’s recording studio in West London), and was featured in interviews with BBC Oxford, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Cambridge, BBC Three Counties Radio, BBC Radio North Yorkshire, BBC Cornwall, Red Dragon FM, Bridge FM, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Cleveland, Swansea Sound, BBC Radio Shropshire, Manx Radio, BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Wales, British Forces Broadcasting Services, Real Radio, The Wave, BBC Radio Merseyside, Beat 102/103, BBC Radio Foyle, and TalkSport Radio.

The full list will soon be published here . . .

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