Lunacy at Glamorgan

Lunacy broke out on campus on March 3rd, as the University’s student astronomers awaited the only lunar eclipse visible in the UK in 2007.

CASE astronomer Martin Griffiths gave a free public lecture on the Moon to an expectant audience. This was soon followed by the eagerly awaited event. Martin set up telescopes and binoculars in G block car park, whilst CASE astronomers Allan Trow and Catherine Tryfona ferried individuals back and forth to the RoCCoTO telescope.

As the eclipse drew closer, the crowds began to swell. Luckily for everyone, the weather remained on our side and everyone was treated to one of the finest eclipses for many years. Pictures were taken, exclamations of awe expressed and even a kiss was awarded as people enjoyed this fantastic celestial spectacle. Here’s hoping that Feb 21, 2008 is as good! 

Words, picture and kiss received (not from me!) by Allan Trow 



    March 5, 2007

    What a stunning picture! I could only see the reddish tint with the
    naked eye. No telscope or binoculars :-(.

    Anyone know why the Moon has a reddish colour for this eclipse?

    Kath Williams

    March 5, 2007

    Earth’s atmosphere causes the light to refract resulting in the reddish hue (Yes Martin – that’s only if you see well in the red end of the spectrum!)

    Martin Griffiths

    March 5, 2007

    The Moon is red due to the fact that the Moon enters the shadow of the Earth during totality. As the Earth has a substantial atmosphere, the rays of light from the Sun get bent (refracted) throught it, acting almost like a lens. As Earth’s atmosphere has a large component of dust the light gets scattered and turns red – just what happens at sunset here.

    The amount of “redness” depends on how much dust is in Earth’s atmosphere – more dust, the redder it gets!


    March 5, 2007

    I took some nice pictures of the moon going into eclipse but found the biggest stumbling block was figuring out how to stop my camera from over exposing the moon due to the dark background behind it!!


    March 5, 2007

    I saw that moon thing on the way back from the pub. I just thought I’d had one too many!!!

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