On the Dangers of SF Weblogs

Waterstones in a move akin to the ‘Goliath Corporation’ (Jasper Fforde’s SF) or CosaNostraPizza’ (Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash) has just fired one of its most dedicated employee’s and SF experts for running a personal blog. Joe was thought to be one of the most influential figures in British SF by virtue of providing the recommendations to other Waterstones branches and by organising signings by SF authors at their flagship stores. But when he expressed concern that SF coverage in the retail chain recently acquired by HMV was being drastically reduced they dismissed Joe and used evidence from his posted blog as proof.
Its getting harder all the time for SF fans to get access to quality literature within the genre – even so called SF shops (not mentioning a chain which I’ll call ‘prohibited sphere’)seem to just stock TV / Film tie ins – without one of the Big 5 booksellers displaying such flagrant disregard for their customers !!!
No wonder Amazon is doing so well … Rev.

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    January 16, 2005

    Blogging is one of the signs that the internet has come out of the Stone Age. Of course corporations don???t like the idea of employees relaying negative publicity about internal projects without any controls from the marketing department. The Blogger from Baghdad demonstrated how a man and a modem could compete against media corps for news worthiness.

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