One Small QuickStep for Man?

Recent news that London’s planetarium is closing to make way for more celebrity waxworks reminds me of the time I once took a group of our CASE students to visit the joint a few years back.

In those days the Planetarium entrance featured a surreal Madame Tussaud’s waxwork mock-up of the Moon landing, including among others Armstrong.

Imagine my flabbergasted surprise to hear one of my female Finnish students confess that she’d thought Armstrong was black.  It seems she’d  understandably confused the subsequently  reclusive astronaut with African American jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong.  Easily done, of course.

One imagines with immense delight the great man jazzing it up on the Moon’s surface, kind of Lunar Boogie-woogie

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    March 28, 2006

    It is a shame to read that The Planetarium is closing, its proximity to Madame Tussauds always allowed school trips to add some science to otherwise pointless trips to see the waxworks.

    On a more serious note your reference to Armstrong allows me to inform readers of Difference Engine of Andrew Smith’s Moondust idiosyncratic memoir of his journey to encounter the remaining nine moonwalkers (not counting M. Jackson!). Its a good read…not rocket science but an insight into the minds of the heroes of our childhood. If you watched Apollo with awe and wonder you’ll love this.

    PS its on Richard and Judy’s book club..don’t let that put you off.

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