Power of the Planets

In a recent observing session at Hay on Wye, one student realized a life ambition by looking at the planet Saturn through a telescope.

This was obviously a highlight of 2005 as she was so overcome with emotion when her ambition was fulfilled that she burst into tears! She had never expected the planet to look so much like the pictures in the media she explained. “It was so beautiful it took my breath away. I thought at first I was being fooled by a photograph, but seeing the planet as it really was is so inspirational”

Go and be inspired by the power of the planets!


    Mark Brake

    January 14, 2005

    Martin’s tearful fan of “Saturn”:http://www.ex.ac.uk/Mirrors/nineplanets/saturn.html
    reminds me of an similar observational encounter a few years ago. Out at night under the starry sky,
    among the thronging masses listening to Martin wax lyrical
    about the cosmos were two indistinguishable lads, both called
    James, and both from Barnsley.

    Add to this semi-surreal circumstance their complete and utter
    refusal to believe their eyes when we showed them Saturn
    through the scope. In fact, their first instinct was to check the
    other end of the scope to see whether we’d wound them up and
    blu-tak’d a picture of the gas giant to the end of the telescope


    January 14, 2005

    *Orion’s Beautiful Nebula*

    Our Alien Worlds course in the local community has inspired
    one of our students to write a poem regarding the great nebula
    in Orion. She had been so inspired by the lectures that she was
    unable to sleep and therefore decided to put pen to paper:


    _I can???t sleep at night, the stars are so bright, Not in the sky, but
    in my minds eye_

    _I???ve studied the pictures and read all the books, So now I know
    how Orion looks_

    _His belt and his sword take on new meaning, The stars in the
    middle are twinkling and gleaming_

    _His belt has three stars and they all have a name, His sword is a
    nursery where stars glow and flame_

    _Living and dying they shimmer afar, And at its heart the great

    _The colours and shapes are wondrous to see, And joining this
    course has shown them to me_

    *_Krys Bather (2004)_*

    This poem is a typical tale of inspiration on the course, and just
    goes to show how powerful an entity the night sky really is!

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