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Its like thy’ve made a tv series based on my life … well sort of!

The new ITV series Primeval debuted last night. The hero being a trendy Professor at a new university who is robust with his students when they confront him with dissertations on alien abductions (sound familiar?). He shares an office with an incredibly good looking research assistant (again more similarities). Together they investigate dodgy goings on in the Forest of Dean (my own birthplace – yet another coincidence – I don’t think so!). Which reveals prehistoric creatures ambling round the highways and byways. Throw in some Home Office Conspiracies, some soldiers shooting lots of guns and a trendy young blond non-racist former member of S-Club Seven and you have ITV’s answer to Doctor Who

Now I know its only the first episode and I hope it will get better but … although the effects were excellent (as is to be expected from the FX team responsible for Walking with Dinosaurs) the acting and the plot was a bit hoaky. Still more primetime SF stuff featuring scientists saving the world whilst looking good can’t be bad …


    Peter Grehan

    February 11, 2007

    Any comparison with Doctor Who must fail (and indeed it seems that the makers have vehemently denied any attempt to mimic it). Primeval is earthbound while Doctor Who is unconstrained by any boundaries of time and space for a start, though you might not think so based on the high number of stories in the new series based in the relative here and now. A potential lost opportunity I think.

    Primeval is very here and mostly now with intrusions from ??????then??????. It bears closer comparisons with Torchwood, both have a space-time rift that allows alien (temporal if not planetary) monsters to invade our comfortable security.

    Given that the first episode has to include the character introductions (and there are a lot of these) and the premise, and given the fact that they don??????t have the head start that Doctor Who gave Torchwood, I don??????t think that the first episode was too bad. It shows it has potential for some interesting story arcs, and the characters (while still a little two dimensional at the moment) seem to have a good foundation on which to build. Above all there seem to be no ??????hidden agendas?????? as yet to subvert a potentially entertaining science fiction series. In teaming up with the educational expertise that brought us other Impossible Pictures productions, like Walking With Monsters it might at least share an ambition with the original Doctor Who, which was to entertain and educate.


    February 11, 2007

    I notice there’s also a member of the department who was a junior fencing champion – ring any more bells?!


    February 11, 2007

    I rather liked it too. The way characters handled situations was good (don’t pull a gun on the prof and threaten to shoot him, just knock him out with it!).
    I particualry liked the look on the prof’s face when he asked the student why he didn’t regognise him, and the student confessed to not having attended any of the classes. Been there.


    February 11, 2007

    i love the elivision programme PRIMEVAL it rox my sox nd i cn t wait til the nxt seris 1!!


    February 11, 2007

    I am from Spain. I love this series, I have seen all season one and I am dying to watch second season. Is has become one of my favourite series


    February 11, 2007

    Yes, Primeval was cool! We loved it in Portugal

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