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This finale left me with mixed feelings. There was much to praise in this episode, particularly the production values which were very high. The climax, however, rather reminded me of an advert for a household cleaner

‘Can?????t get rid of those stubborn Daleks? Try new enhanced Rose and dissolve those persistent Cyborgs clean away!’

The ultimate deux et machina, and this is something it seems that Russell T. Davies is prone to in writing his science fiction. In fact the ?????Bad Wolf????? climax felt a little of an anti-climax and seemed like something that would fit better in Buffy The Vampire Slayer than Doctor Who.

It was a good link to past ?????Who????? to see the Emperor Dalek and the updated design was in keeping to his last appearance in Evil of The Daleks. The need to see him in his transparent chamber was probably as a result of the confusion caused by Davros being addressed as the Emperor Dalek in Remembrance of The Daleks. Clearly the production team wanted none of the confusion that was generated by the internecine conflict between imperial and renegade Daleks in that episode.

The idea that a Dalek army could be built from genetically modified humans is not new and first appeared in Revelation of The Daleks (out next month on DVD by the way). The “Emperor Dalek” has always represented a kind of Gold Standard of Dalek values. Now we?????re told that he ends up a loony tune who thinks he has become god and his army of Daleks (equally as batty) are prone to shout things like ?????Worship him!????? and ?????Blasphemy!????? I was left wondering if the target for this week?????s message from the pulpit was religious fundamentalism with its insane desire to take over the world and turn it into a paradise for those harvested humans who ?????prove suitable??????

I also wonder if there was a deliberate attempt to depict the Doctor as fallible and ?????human?????. After all he looses and all those that have put their trust in him die horribly (as do the ones who don?????t). He also fails to deliver on his commitment to destroy the Daleks, albeit with the death of planet Earth. He does not want to play god it seems, yet wasn?????t he responsible for destroying Gallifrey as the price for destroying the Daleks?

Having seen the Emperor Dalek end up this state (following years of living in the equivalent of a cave in a remote mountain range) sort of left me hoping that Davros is out there somewhere and building some good old fashioned Daleks with traditional values.

Revelation was also the first Dalek story to depict a hovering Dalek, but the effect was so badly executed that the majority of the viewing audience didn?????t register the fact (myself included). The re-mastered DVD, we have been promised, will have a greatly improved special effect for that scene. The special effects for ?????Parting of The Ways were excellent????? The columns of regimented Daleks emerging from their ships to attack the space station were superb, and a full scale Dalek attack of this sort would only have been seen before in graphic novel format. This series has had some excellent attention to detail. As when the Dalek, hovering in the vacuum of space, exterminated Lynda. He shouts ?????Exterminate!????? but our only clue to that shout is the flashing of his lights.

There was also the wonderful in-joke of the Dalek disgust at being called half-human.

“Half human” “Do not mention that, it is blasphemy!”

This is a parody of the Who fan reaction to the suggestion in the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie that the Doctor was himself half-human.

As long standing Doctor Who fan, there was far too much kissing in this episode. Lots of people loved that (judging by Outpost Gallifrey website), but for me, part of the appeal of Doctor Who was that the story just didn?????t get muddled with something as mundane as sex and mush (probably very important when you?????re a ten year old boy who got sick of the love interest slowing down a story). That?????s my opinion, many I know disagree, but maybe some don’t?

All in all a very good episode with one or two worrying tendencies.



    June 19, 2005

    As for my opinions of the episode??

    Why do modern writers *have* to get the doctor kissed-by/kissing people?? At this rate, we???re gonna have a Dalek episode where the lead Dalek is rolling around shouting ???Ex-kiss-ternate! Ex-kiss-ternate!??? I think the episode would have been fine if it had simply stuck a farewell hug, no one would have minded.

    Oh well.

    As for the episode itself, I???m uncertain about it ??? After hearing something about a speech by RTD about using technobabble we get a whole chunk of technorabble about a ???delta wave??? which is nice and all but surely there???s a better way to go about introducing it or to come up with an alternative description that doesn???t make the viewer think ???What the heck is he on about!????

    Something that is hinted out throughout the episode might’ve been nice, aside from the station being designed to be a transmitter.

    I did find Bad Wolf to be a bit of an anti-climax personally because that entire absorbing the vortex thing had a lot of story potential within it that was ultimately wasted because it was simply introduced as a ???way out??? ??? How can one person look under the console and see the heart of the TARDIS whilst another person does it and sees a ???time vortex??? instead? Like presenting a picture of Chewbacca in a court case, it doesn???t make sense.

    My personal opinion is that in this last episode of the season, the TARDIS itself should have gotten to be the hero by telling Rose what to do or finding some other method of bringing the episode to a conclusion. I???ll try not to get myself started on the miracle grow TARDIS resurrection ???get-out??? clause for Captain Jacks death.

    Anyway, I???m going to take a step back and consider the episode on its own merits now ??? The episode brought the Daleks back for a big season finale and allow the Daleks to actually do what they???ve always wanted to ??? Blow up all the continents of Earth. Its well paced and makes an interesting statement on how even the Doctor can???t always win.

    There was a nice attention to detail in this episode especially when the Daleks lights become the indication of him shouting exterminate (Outside the station in a vacuum). Its enjoyable, but I think it should???ve avoided a Deus Ex Machina ending in favour of something a bit more imaginative that had a proper build-up in the form of something besides the word Bad Wolf appearing all over the place.

    Adam Jon

    June 19, 2005

    I was really let down by “The Parting Of The Ways.” To me, the channelling of the time vortex to wipe out the Daleks was just a bullsh*t way of saying Rose used magic. Harry Potter anyone? Russell T Davies can’t write good Who. I am living in hope that he’ll go away and let someone who knows what they’re doing write the show. I can’t believe people like this dreck.

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