Science Books for Christmas

Professor Mark Brake of HeSaS will appear on BBC Radio Wales’ The Science Cafe on Sunday 23 December at 5pm to recommend best buy popular science books for Christmas. Among Prof’s recommendations will be:

Blood of the Isles

Blood of the Isles by Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes, a fascinating account of Sykes population genetics studies of the British Isles.

Guns, Germs and Steel

Guns, Germs and Steel by American evolutionary biologist, Jared Diamond. Diamond’s book explains, using bio-environmentalism rather than racism, why, since 1500, Europeans have, for better and worse, called the tune that the world has danced to.


Finally, Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson is a fantastic, fictional romp through the C17th. It is a novel of history, adventure, science, invention, absurdity, piracy, madness, alchemy and sex. Irresistible.

The Science Cafe will be repeated on Boxing Day at 9.30pm.

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