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In early May Difference Engine blogsters Rev Neil Hook and Naomi Turnbull will be representing CASE at a conference run by the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.

The Museum is also home to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and The Rev has had the presence of mind to suggest we compile our own Science Fiction Blog of Fame! And where better to start than with the letter A?

Now regular Difference Engine readers will remember that CASE was featured prominently last year in the Guardian’s guide to science fiction. As part of that coverage the newspaper asked the world’s best scientists (and me) to nominate their favourite authors.

And who should come top of the authors poll ? Yes, Isaac Asimov.

So Zak is my nomination for letter A of our Hall of Fame. Two works mark him out as potential master of the genre: I, Robot , and the Foundation trilogy

And take a look at this Asimov link. It gives a great feel for Zak’s immense and prolific output with over 1600 of Asimov’s essays listed here, and the transcript of a lecture on the future of humanity!

Indeed so widespread has become Zak’s influence that many believe the origin of the name al-Qaida may have been inspired by Foundation

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