Science Museum Book Launch for University Academic Duo

The latest book by Professor Mark Brake and Reverend Neil Hook, FutureWorld, is launched today by the Science Museum in London.

FutureWorld explores the relationship between the way that the science of the future has been imagined in the past, and realised today.

Professor Brake commented, “Neil and I are delighted to be working with the Science Museum on this project. We live in a world where media headlines trumpet the discovery of new planets, discuss the pros and cons of cloning or explain the possibility of teleporting atoms. As we switch on the television, we see walking and talking robots, private jets that ferry travelers to the edge of space and space probes that rendezvous with asteroids. Science tells us that the first human to live for a thousand years has already been born. We are living in a futuristic world, really; and that’s what the book explores”.

The book explores the nature and limits of our own imaginations, and the way we dream of things to come. Focusing on four main themes – space, time, machine and monster – the book separates fact from fiction, but also reveals what it is still possible to achieve in such areas as time travel and the discovery of alien life. Using examples from classic film and fiction, FutureWorld is a fascinating way to find out about the futuristic world we live in today, and the one that awaits us tomorrow.

FutureWorld is published by Boxtree MacMillan.

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