Science Shops

Science Shops is a people??????s silent revolution in science. The movement is an international network of research centres which share the common aim of providing their local communities and non-governmental organisations with research support at low or no cost.

Science Shops work from a very broad definition of the term science, undertaking projects in almost any area that requires systematic research expertise – from nature and the environment to social issues and areas such as history or law.

Over the period 2006-8 the HEFCW is funding CASE at the University of Glamorgan to launch a network of Science Shops in south-east Wales.

The central hub of the network will be located at CASE, housed at 4 Forest Grove, just on the edge of campus. CASE will act as hub to four individual Science Shops based in local communities in the Heads of the Valleys region ??????? the first opened in Merthyr Tydfil in January 2007. The actual research will be undertaken through collaborations between dedicated Science Shop researchers, University students and academics, and members of community groups who will be provided with appropriate training, equipment and support.

By encouraging community organisations to identify and meet their own research needs, Science Shops aim to be genuinely responsive to, and helpful with, the problems experienced by the citizens of south-east Wales. By opening up the resources of higher education to the communities which sustain them, Science Shop projects also aim to enable University students and staff to strengthen their links with the community while developing research with real local relevance.

And over the coming weeks and months we’ll be reporting the good work of Science Shops on The Difference Engine.

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