SFing Seattle

Naomi and Neil are currently living things up in the home city of Bill Gates, Amazon.com, Starbucks and Nintendo.

After an excellent flight with good old B.A. we landed in Seattle having mysteriously lost eight hours (X-Files Style). After a quick meal at Mama’s Mexican Restauraunt – featuring the world’s most aggressive waitress (called Southpaw because of her aggresive left jab – we kid you not!) it was off to sleepy land to recover.

This is officially acclimitisation day as the conference starts tomorrow. In the a.m. we checked out Pike Place Market and watched fishmongers throw giant halibut and crabs through the air, followed this by a pilgrimage to the very first Starbucks ever. This p.m. will be taken up by cruising the galleries and shops of Pioneer Square and a visit to the Bell Pier Aquarium. This evening we hope to spend convivially at the eateries of Bell Town. Tomorrow we get to listen to George Slusser (of SF anthology fame) and David G Hartwell (the king of Hard SF History) give one of the keynote lectures. We’ve also learnt that the MC for Friday nights SF Banquet is Robert Picardo of ST:Voyager (“please state the nature of the medical emergency”).

All seems to be going well and Naomi has yet to have Neil arrested for the multiple infringements of Seattle’s municipal criminal code. Although this could be something to do with the fact that there seems to be a vegan coffee shop on every block of the entire city !

We expect to be able to post some ACTUAL SF news tomorrow, following the first day of the 26th Eaton conference … but until then ‘live long and prosper’.

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