Singing Swedes


So here we are in London for the launch of ESCW Network (European Science Communication Workshops). At the moment I am sitting in an Anatolean restaurant next to the British Museum. Opposite me sits the Professor, and both of us are agog as our colleague Per Broman (he’s swedish) sings Tom Lehrer (noted US comic & science communicator) and swedish folk songs (he may have had to much to drink). I felt so inclined to blog that I whipped out the XDAIIs (pocket pc phone) and thought I’d tell you all about it …



    September 19, 2005

    The science fictional nature of this blog was quite superb.

    Firstly, it was surreal enough having Nordic science communication
    experts singing Swedish sea shanties at you across the dinner

    Add to that Neil’s suggestion that we could use his mobile to blog
    the event just added the SF twist on the entire affair!

    Hope to get a pic up soon . . .

    mark banerji

    September 19, 2005

    *London: Surreal City*

    ! (The Persistence of Memory)!

    For more surreal experiences in London the “Dali Universe”: at the County Hall Gallery South Bank is worth a look.

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