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As we sit and wait patiently for the cinematic franchise (film) of h2g2 to hit Wales, news has (belatedly) reached The Difference Engine that the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation has developed a terrestrial version of the guide that earthlings will soon be able to carry around and access whether they are caught without a towel in Treorchy, or orbiting aimlessly in the vicinity of Barnard’s Star

The mobile edition has been made in conjunction with the BBC rather than the great publishing houses of Ursa Minor who, according to Douglas Adams ’ book, created the original.

The portable edition contains 7,000 articles from the H2G2 site covering life, the Universe and everything.

In some respects the way that the H2G2 website was put together pre-figures the idea of the wikipedia , an online encyclopedia, that is also written, edited and checked by ordinary web users.

Owners of smartphones and PDA users can get access to the mobile version of the guide by sending “H2G2” in a text message to 81010 or simply visiting h2g2.

Glad to be of service.

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